Aija R-K

I am a young visual artist from Finland. I was born in Porvoo but my roots are in Kainuu located in Northern Finland and in Southern Ostrobothnia and in all of these places within Finland have their own culture. At the moment these cultures are a huge inspiration to my works. 

I want to study people's contemporary lifestyle - in all of its diversity. The easiest way for me to work is just to look at the people around me because there is always something that would make a great piece of art. My works are all about moments and feelings that all of use experience in out lives. 

In a way, my art is a form of commentary targeting the view of reality that social media is selling us as normal life. There are plenty of things that are never captured or shown even though photos are taken more than ever. 

However, I usually lean towards painting or sculpting as my media because photos do not always manage to show everything. Traditional art provides me with more opportunities to continue a story and guide the audience through the moments I want to  present.


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